The event for Smart Industry. Göteborg, April 12- 13, 2018 (in swedish only)

Take part in our training sessions and reach further with RS Production in your business.


Daily management and continuous improvement require facts and regular measurements to work. OEE is a well recognized performance indicator for monitoring efficiency and disturbances in industrial production.

An OEE system is a powerful tool for supporting daily governance and improvements with facts. The likelihood of success with the introduction of OEE systems and modern production follow-up increases by raising the group’s understanding of what OEE is (and is not) and how it relates to production economics.

RS Production USER TRAINING (1 + 1 DAY)

User training helps users in different roles to get good capabilities in the use of RS Production. It helps to drive daily management and improvement work based on facts.

To maximize the benefit of RS Production, it’s important to have short paths from ideas to action and from questions to answers. A well-trained system owner can better support the factual needs of your own business.

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