A system for a smarter industry


The driving force behind RS Production is to help you make positive changes in your everyday work. It leads to increased productivity and efficiency that benefits both you and your customer.

RS Production is a modern, easy-to-use and well-developed software with excellent delivery and service that understands your everyday challenges.


More than 80% of those who tested one or more solutions in parallel with RS Production choose to invest in RS Production. They do it because

  • RS Production is appreciated by operators who like to work with the system
  • The production management really trusts calculations and visualization of OEE and other reports
  • RS Production can capture machine data in many different ways
  • They feel that they get skilled and committed service


As a user, you usually perceive RS Production as user-friendly. This means that RS Production is not an “engineering tool”, but something that is used by everyone from operators to top management.

Corporate and production management receives information in RS Production Mobile application, on TV screens or via event-driven messages sent by e-mail.

System owners and technicians can set up large parts of the configuration themselves without writing program code and without the help of consultants.

For operators, the system is so visual and simple that it is basically self-learning.


We live in a world Raplex (rapid and complex) which means that the requirement specifications of a system support for Data Driven Production is changing gradually.

Therefore, RS Production is basically designed to combine the benefits of a standard system with late configurations and adjustments without affecting the ability to take part in standard updates.

A large part of the ongoing changes in the system can be done by self-trained staff without the need for assistance from external product expertise.


RS Production is designed to be equally good on a smaller and larger scale, allowing you to expand with more machine connections, functions, visualizations and adjustments.

The system can be run at a single factory or integrated into a global context.

You can run it stand alone from surrounding systems or integrated with, for example, ERP systems and maintenance systems.

RS Production i4 Pro

The standard product for data-driven production management handles everything from event-driven instructions to providing management and meetings with objective facts on the right occasions.

The natural choice for you who wants to digitize your production processes and have specific requests for solutions where a standard solution needs to be adapted.

RS Production OEE

The front line product for production and disturbance monitoring, which is quickly and easily set up with help at the factory and at a distance.