Free your hidden manufacturing potential

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Good Solutions helps manufacturing and industrial companies to increase returns on investments in factories and machines. We talked to the company’s co-founder and CEO Mikael Persson to take a closer look.

What does Good Solutions do?
We provide factory- and production management answers to why delivery plans are missed, why you do not produce the right volume and why cost estimates do not work when you change volumes.

Studies from for example Chalmers University show that on average, a factory only utilize  about 50% of its capacity.

Our standard product RS Production reveals the plant’s losses and clarifies the root causes. Everyone from management to operators can easily understand the information and address the problem. The software clarifies where to take action to reach the factory’s hidden potential.

Do you have any concrete examples?
It’s about getting facts and clarity about what many have a gut feeling about. With facts you can decide on appropriate measures to increase the efficiency immediately.

We have a customer who in one production section increased their flow by 20% with a few quick steps. All this only a month after the introduction of RS Production.

Another customer has managed to double the factory’s turnover without new machine investments. The results are due to systematic work with standardized instructions to remedy disturbances identified by RS Production.

Does it work in real life?
Facts collected and presented in RS Production need to meet the factory’s work processes and employees in their daily operations. It means automating data flows to reports and visualisation of decision-making in an event-driven way that everyone can see and understand.

RS Production is a source of facts about relationships and trends. This makes it easier to make the right decision.

Simply put; RS Production is both a tool for finding problems and resolving them by standardizing work.

How do you get started with RS Production?
We make sure that the right conditions are in place throughout the customers organization. Through workshops and training, we ensure that both work processes and people fit together and can start working.

In just a few months, you can be up and running. Taking more fact based decisions that drive productivity and efficiency.

If necessary, Good Solutions also support integrations with both machines and business systems.

Does everyone benefit from this?
We help companies run at the level that suits them. We propose a model that is adapted to the customer’s production organization and maturity. Many times changes and new ways of working are made too complicated. With a clear picture of where productivity is lost, it will be easier to take the right decisions to improve the results.

It sounds too easy?
Yes and no. RS Production is an advanced product. But based on our ten year experience, we know that our customers’ success lies in the simplicity of the solution. All the time and knowledge we have invested in building RS Production will benefit our customers through the ease of use. This allows employees to make better decisions faster.

Is this Industry 4.0?
Concepts like MES, Smart Industries and Industry 4.0 can be very different for different people. Without defining exactly what the terms mean, one can say that RS Production and digitization of production processes are definitely part of all those concepts.

Is there more information?
Feel free to contact me directly but the you can do is to book a demo right now.