Fristad Plast increases its utilization by 23% and manage increased order intake without new machine investments

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“We have been able to increase the utilization to over 90% and today we have a better overview of our occupancy. We have increased our turnover, the number of orders and our availability. “

Andreas Andersson
Project Manager, Injection molding

With the use of RS Production from Good Solutions, Fristad Plast has increased its utilization rate from 73% to over 90%. This has resulted in increased production without investing in new machines while at the same time reducing stadd stress levels.

Fristad Plast needed to meet increased demand from the market and increase its production. It was not sustainable to continue as is. Paperwork took too much time and could lead to misunderstandings. The utilization rate of the factory was about 70% and production was managed using a proprietary system that would not work with the new business system.

New solutions were required when the production area was doubled and new warehouse and workshop were built.

Fristad Plast saw opportunities with Good Solutions solution RS Production for production monitoring and OEE measurement. A solution that could also be integrated with their new business system, Monitor.

The integrated systems make all information easily accessible and updated. Order, production, stock information and after-sales calculations can now be handled seamlessly and easily. The fact that the systems work well together means that Fristad Plast has clear cost control with flexibility and can be very accurate when communicating with customers.

The machine-level measurements are high-resolution meaning that each stop is easily logged and can be correctly tagged. Efficiency losses can even be identified at the article level.

Fristad Plast has increased sales, number of orders and availability. The project with new business systems and digitization of production management using RS Production resulted in managements full control over the cost and profitability of each order.

The improvement in efficiency corresponds to the same increase in production that an expensive investment in two new machines would provide. Although production has increased, Fristad Plast has been able to reduce staff stress levels using digitalization to become more efficient.

Fristad Plast shows the way for the future with world-class data driven production.

Fristad Plast
Fristad Plast was founded in 1967, helping customers with injection molding, punching and processing of foils as well as casting of polyurethane. By helping the customer from first idea to finished product, Fristad Plast can deliver a unique customer value.

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