OEE Policy Workshop creates the right prerequisites for world-class data driven production

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”The OEE Policy Workshop enable our customers to create a common picture about what and how to measure in OEE. The result will be the foundation of the daily work and create the right prerequisites for effectively working with continuous improvements,” says Lina Alte, COO at Good Solutions.
The prerequisites for increased machine efficiency and productivity are created based on a common view of concepts and principles regarding OEE measurements. Lina Alte provides answers to the most important questions about the OEE Policy workshop.

What is an OEE policy?
An OEE policy describes the choices and decisions required for RS Production to work best in the customers daily operations. The intention is that all concerned parts of the business should be able to work consistently. It will also minimize discussions about details that are difficult to communicate without an OEE policy.

Who should join?
The factory management team should participates in a half-day workshop because the matter concern strategic decisions about how to mange production. Most importantly is that responsibles for production and technology are included. Representatives from quality, planning, and logistics can also contribute.

How is the workshop conducted?
Two representatives from Good Solutions will facilitate the day. Starting with brief introductions to various topics with initial reasoning about the pros and cons of different options. This is followed by a group discussion that conclude and decide about how to proceed and work. The summary of the discussions is concluded in the OEE policy document that will be shared with the customer at the end of the workshop.

What will be the result?
The customer will receive an OEE Policy document that clearly specifies what to measure and the principles and conditions that apply to each part of the process.

For machine availability we cover scheduling and what should be included in the measurements. For speed losses we cover cycle times, microstop policy and crash monitoring. We also look at purpose, roles and responsibilities for a loss model.

The result will be a document that everyone can relate to and which also construe the base for the daily work.

Take the next step in the journey towards world-class data driven production. . Contact Lina Alte for more information and book an OEE Policy workshop for your team.