Becoming our partner

Good Solutions are in persuit of new partnerships around the world

“Starting up the partnership went very smoothly. Good Solutions gave us a kickstart and we made real business with our customers already after a few months.”
Olof Hedin
CDO, Quant Service
“We added RS Production OEE suite to our portfolio of digital tools for manufacturing companies, and just a few months later, we created new business. We are confident that we will continue to develop and do business together for a long time.”
Antti Kaikkonen
CEO, Novotek Finland

RS Production is a tool for manufacturing companies that wants to become more sustainable and profitable by making more data-driven decisions in everyday manufacturing operations.

We at Good Solutions, together with our Solution Partner companies, sell and take the RS Production software to the market.

The offer from our Solution Partners and us ensure that there are objective, visual, real-time facts available for everyone from machine operators to C-level management.

Many manufacturing companies also need coaching and help with work processes and methods where the facts are “consumed.” That is where you, as Improvement Consultant Partner, comes into the picture.

Work processes + Methods + Facts = Success!

      RS Production turns factory waste into profit

      RS Production suite is a range of effective and user-friendly tools that helps decision-makers at all levels make better decisions faster. The software help factory management, production management, and machine operators to act on machine and shop floor facts in real-time. 

      RS Production suite offers real-time production data from

      • OEE follow-up
      • 50+ reports and KPI’s
      • visual operator screens
      • factory-wide status dashboards on TV screens
      • mobile access to KPI reports and factory chat.a

        Building a successful partnership

        RS Production creates long-term recurring revenue. Your cut of the deal is not only a fair portion of the monthly income but also to support customers with onboarding, training, factory improvement services, integrations, and, most importantly, your knowledge.

        Our experienced team and success manager ensures that our partnership has the best platform and prerequisites for a successful long-term collaboration. Our comprehensive Partnership program includes 

        • onboarding and training,
        • personal business partner,
        • dedicated product- and service success manager.

            We are expecting you

            Kick-start our common journey by sending us a few lines describing who you are. We’ll make sure to get together as soon as possible to discuss how to help your customers become more profitable and sustainable.