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By proactively working with continuous improvements, we maximize customer value by involving and train employees. By doing that, we will create competitive advantages and financial growth.

Culture and teams are the key factors in succeeding in improvement projects. We also work with Lean and Six Sigma and have experience from different industries.

DevPort is in five locations from mid–south of Sweden, and our consultants are all experienced and trained. We have done projects in FMCG, medicine, telecom, and automotive industries.

Our offices are in Stockholm, Linköping, Gothenburg, Södertälje and Helsingborg.

We can offer senior competence within Supply Chain Management. Digital solutions and Product development are the other business units within DevPort, but also a training academy.

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    Novotek Finland

    Novotek Finland delivers IT and automation solutions based on standard products and components to improve the performance of customer companies. Novotek’s solutions focus on manufacturing companies.

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        Prevas Norway

        We solve problems. Some might say we do it by using sophisticated technical solutions. They might not be wrong, but the most important success factor is probably our curiosity. Our unique ability to discover potential by simply looking at things from a different point of view.

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            Qestio offers consulting services within production and maintenance development, customer support, process design, project, and change management.

            We are passionate about production and maintenance issues. Our mission is to help create a more sustainable industrial production. 

            Our values rest firmly on our conviction that we can do more together.

            We’re located in Helsingborg, Örebro and Borlänge.

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              Quant Service

              For over 30 years, we have been realizing the full potential of maintenance for our customers. From embedding superior safety practices and building a true maintenance culture, to implementing state-of-the-art digital tools to optimise cost and productivity, our people make the difference.

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