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Empower your manufacturing customers to become more profitable and sustainable by combining your knowledge and services with our best-in-class factory efficiency software RS Production®.

Benefit from a SaaS business model to create recurring revenue in complement to your other products and services. Expand your offering and make your manufacturing customers more profitable by offering the RS Production software suite from Good Solutions. 

This powerful partnership enables you to leverage the RS Production suite to help your manufacturing customers meet challenges such as:

  • lower production costs,
  • increase capacity,
  • improve quality,
  • lower environmental impact.

      Good solutions adds value to our partners

      RS Production help factory management, production management, and machine operators to act on machine and shop floor facts in real-time. 

      The software makes it easy to collect, visualize, and engage relevant people by providing the right information for the right time. For example, automatically provide reports optimized for pulse meetings, continuous improvement, or production management meetings and more. 

          We're looking for Improvement Consultants to become our partners

          If you who work with discrete manufacturing companies and provides professional services to such as

          • Lean and production development consultants.
          • Production technicians.
          • Maintenance technical services.
          • Management consultants.

          You can add additional, long-lasting customer value by partnering with us by:

          • Sell services where the manufacturing company will benefit from RS Production.
          • Sell services that enable and empower continuous improvements.
          • Sell services requiring production facts like throughput, OEE, losses, cycle times, and more.
          • Sell services that generate standard operation procedures, quality controls, and instructions that the production team should perform at given times.

          Your profit in this will be

          • Provide world-class Future Factory and Industry 4.0 technology to your market and customers.
          • A more robust and longer-lasting result for the customers.
          • A monetary share from the initial monthly software fee.

            Good Solutions partners växer sin affär genom att erbjuda marknadsledande industri 4 funktionalitet till sina kunder med fabriker och tillverkning.

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              Bli vår nya affärspartner Vi på Good Solutions letar aktivt efter bra samarbeten – jorden runt “Att komma igång med samarbetet tillsammans med Good Solutions gick väldigt smidigt. Vi fick en en kickstart och vi skapade de första affärerna redan efter några månader” Olof Hedin CDO, Quant Service “Vi lade

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