Brunberg improves chocolate and liquorice production using RS Production®

"I recommend RS Production to manufacturing companies. RS Production works. We like it. Tracking and recording production losses are easy, and we can immediately see if production changes are creating the desired outcome!"

Hannu Porttila, Production and R&D Manager at Brunberg Oy

Brunberg is Finland’s oldest confectionery company and has produced chocolate, liquorice, and marmalades much-loved by Finns for over 150 years. The factory in Porvoo still produces these delicacies.

        Using RS Production from Good Solutions, Brunberg monitors production efficiency and reliability in real-time for the first time in its history. The main results are:

        • Improved productivity and profitability.
        • Ensuring employee and product safety.
        • Delivery reliability and increased customer satisfaction.
                Photo: Brunberg


                Being around for a long time, Brunberg primarily based monitoring and production development on manual data collection resulting in challenges such as:

                • Inaccurate data records and historical data.
                • Unreliable production records.
                • Availability, speed, and quality could not be measured appropriately.

                            The factory’s production slowed down due to insufficient data for root causes analysis hindering continuous improvements based on production facts.

                            Brunberg identified a need for digitizing production monitoring using an OEE -system. 

                                    Photo: Brunberg


                                    After seeing a product demo of RS Production, Brunberg decided to install the solution at two production lines together with Good Solutions partner, Novotek Finland.

                                                    “We implemented RS Production in two steps. Nothing got delayed, and the system was up and running on our first production line in just a month.” Hannu Porttila explain. 

                                                                        RS Production enables the Brunberg factory to keep real-time track of:

                                                                        • Production line starts and stops.
                                                                        • Scrap volumes.
                                                                        • Production line disruptions frequency and stop-reasons.
                                                                        • Improved production traceability.

                                                                        Machine operators use RS Production in daily operations to quickly see the status from previous shifts and easily share production information.

                                                                                            One of Brunberg’s most significant reasons for acquiring the system was better access to maintenance information. Continuous availability optimization is essential for production lines to be considered productive and efficient. 

                                                                                                                Brunberg implemented RS Production with Good Solutions partner, Novotek Finland.


                                                                                                                With access to comprehensive and accurate OEE data using RS Production, Brunberg has minimized downtime and production losses. The factory has improved production speed, quality, and machine availability. Nowadays, Brunberg’s improvement work is not based on guesswork anymore.

                                                                                                                                        Brunberg uses data from RS Production to support machine investment decisions. Payback calculations based on real-life facts create accurate ROI.

                                                                                                                                                                    “With RS Production, we have the information required to find and resolve bottleneck root causes quickly. A machine on a production line may show an issue once a day or a week. Without RS Production, this could go unnoticed. Now we see production status in real-time and can act quickly based on facts.” Hannu Porttila concludes.

                                                                                                                                                                                                Photo: Brunberg