Doggy improves efficiency and increases production by 10% with RS Production

"With RS Production from Good Solutions, we have been able to increase our volumes by 10% and deliver on increased demand without making further machine investments or expanding with more shifts. The improvement in efficiency means that we produce at lower average cost and make more money. in a few months"

Anders Jideklev, Supply Chain Manager at Doggy


Doggy in Vårgårda was facing a positive problem. More dog food demand was up due to new customer orders. The problem was how to increase production. One alternative was to increase capacity with more shifts. But the factory management had the feeling of the full potential of the factory was not fully utilized. A deeper understanding of the current situation and precise knowledge of where losses occurred are needed. How much of the losses are due to technology, planning, and organization?

      Doggy AB is Sweden’s largest manufacturer of dog and cat food. In some twenty markets, Doggy offers healthy and natural animal food, prepared in Swedish fashion under the Doggy, Mjau, and Bozita brands.


        Together with Doggy, Good Solutions introduced the RS Production tool in Doggy’s factory in Vårgårda. Through real-time visualizations, operators now show and clarify both successes and problems in a standardized and straightforward way.

        The information from machines and operators is the basis for decision making for improvement work. Detailed reports in RS Production make it easy to understand where deviations from the efficiency targets exist. It’s now clear where the focus of improvements should be in a clear and accessible to everyone – operators, factory management, management, and owners.


            After Good Solutions implemented a standardized start-up program, Doggy’s employees had the right knowledge and tools to get started on all levels with data-driven production with the help of RS Production.

            Soon after the commissioning of RS Production, there was a definite increase in productivity and efficiency. Over time, differences in results between operators and shifts have decreased, resulting in a more predictable output outcome.

            RS Production from Good Solutions has helped Doggy meet increased demand through increased efficiency. Doggy now produces at a lower average cost. The investment repaid itself in a few months through a 10% increased production without new machine investments or other increased production costs.