Nolato GOTA

Nolato Gota increases OEE 35% using RS Production from Good Solutions

"We improved our overall equipment efficiency (OEE) by up to 35% using RS Production"

Olof Pettersson, CEO of Nolato Gota

“In recent years, we have improved our overall equipment efficiency (OEE) in the factory by up to 35% using RS Production from Good Solutions. This means that we have become more resource-efficient, more profitable, and above all more sustainable,” says Olof Pettersson, CEO of Nolato Gota.

Good Solutions’ RS Production software makes it easy for operators, technicians, and management to reach a consensus on the current situation through quick access to visual production facts and analyses in real-time. These features enable decision-makers at all levels in the factory to make better decisions faster.

By working data-driven, Nolato Gota has improved cycle times and reduced production losses. The work has given the factory higher efficiency, greater flexibility, and reduced resource consumption per produced unit.


      Nolato Gota manufactures plastic parts mainly for the automotive industry, and they have shown strong growth in recent years. Customers demand that all deliveries arrive as expected. They also have minimal tolerance for error. Nolato Gota consistently needs to maintain high efficiency and quality.

      Previously, the factory had to work with traditional quality control to meet customer requirements. The conventional approach requires more people in production and quality assurance to meet increased production volumes. This method does not provide sustainable profitability for operating and developing the factory in a highly competitive global industry.

      To produce with high efficiency (OEE), it is essential that operators have the right skills and that the machines are well maintained. The factory and production management identified the importance of an experienced organization. But it was necessary to throw away the gut feeling and get the right tools to focus on improvements providing the greatest value systematically — every day.

          Production Manager Jimmy Johansson shows how visualized facts in RS Production help Nolato Gota improve its efficiency (OEE) by making better fact-based decisions every day.

            RS Production provides operators with all the information they need to make better fact-based decisions.


              “Using RS Production, we can continuously follow production in real-time and take the right actions to reduce production losses and increase flexibility. Enabling our factory to become more competitive by creating focusing on where the biggest opportunities for improving efficiency are,” says Jimmy Johansson, Production Manager at Nolato Gota.

              RS Production shows cycle times and stops automatically, making it easy for operators and production staff to tag why a machine is not running optimally. Combined with data from machines and other production systems, visual decision-making enables daily work to improve bottlenecks and reduce production losses systematically.

              With the mobile app, production management can quickly get an idea of the current situation, no matter where they are.

              Through training and continuous competence development by Good Solutions experts, machine operators get the right skillsets to use the system efficiently and that the system supports the factory’s work processes. The employees have a mandate to remedy identified problems and follow up results. By working data-driven, Nolato Gota can solve issues before they become customer problems.


                  Using RS Production from Good Solutions, continuous competence development, and close collaboration between factory and production management, the factory’s overall equipment efficiency (OEE) has been improved by up to 35%.

                  Nolato Gota has become more resource-efficient, more profitable, and above all, more sustainable. The challenges in 2020 have clearly shown the strength of high efficiency and the ability to adjust and be flexible quickly. Especially in challenging times, working with data-driven production has helped Nolato Gota become more competitive.

                  Nolato Gota is working to increase efficiency (OEE) even more and is expanding its collaboration with Good Solutions.

                      With RS Production’s mobile app, the production manager can quickly get an idea of the current situation, no matter where they are.