TitanX boosts production line output by 19% in one quarter using RS Production® OEE

“The data from RS Production is input to the PDCA process so a clear action plan can be created, documented, implemented and results measured and verified. This means we can cooperate closely using RS Production as a communication tool between production and management. We're all looking at the same facts."

Ulf Österström, Production System Manager at TitanX Engine Cooling

TitanX specialises in heavy-duty cooling solutions for commercial vehicles, dedicating itself to innovation, sustainability, and efficiency.

Boasting over a century of expertise and a global presence, TitanX actively addressed the universal challenge of modernising its operational processes without compromising its high-quality and productivity standards.

Working integrated with OEE and LEAN manufacturing has always been a part of the company’s DNA. With the introduction of RS Production, a new era of manufacturing excellence started for TitanX.


A manufacturer like TitanX, with an impressive history and deep technical expertise, must continuously tackle the complexities of contemporary manufacturing demands.

In the quest to become more efficient, there is a need to continuously find production losses in availability, performance, and quality.

Fifteen years ago, TitanX relied on manual methods for loss reason coding, meaning measuring and tracking OEE was complex, time-consuming and error-prone.

Processes, methods, and mindsets were in place, but TitanX wanted to take the next step.


Introducing RS Production OEE from Good Solutions significantly supported TitanX’s operations. Combined with integration with their ERP system, this system was set to help revolutionise TitanX’s manufacturing by quickly pinpointing production problems and ensuring they are promptly resolved.

Using RS Production, decision-makers at all levels gain access to real-time production data. At the same time, operators can easily log losses, and the system facilitates the factory-wide sharing of live performance on TV screens. It generates dedicated reports and data exports that serve as the factual foundation for production meetings, shift handovers, and informed decision-making.

Moreover, RS Production streamlined TitanX’s shift from manual to digital processes, freeing up time and resources. Decision-makers systematically and persistently tackle losses using data, enabling an efficient and predictable method to find, understand and minimise losses.

Operators work day-to-day with RS Production.


One example is that during the fall of 2023, the TitanX team could increase production line net output by 19% using waste reduction strategies based on production facts from RS Production in combination with LEAN and PDCA.

RS Production’s detailed operator input led to a more engaged and productive workforce.

TitanX created actionable plans for continuous improvement by integrating RS Production data into the PDCA cycle.

This ability to identify and address inefficiencies ensured consistent quality, minimised losses, and stabilised processes, resonating with TitanX’s commitment to sustainability and excellence.

“Operators record losses and their reset actions in RS Production OEE, enabling swift resolution and input for long-term solutions. The system uses these inputs for detailed cause analysis, guiding practical resource and time allocation.”

Ulf Österström, Production System Manager at TitanX Engine Cooling