RS Production Inspector

Work safer, more efficient, and make better decisions – no matter where you are.

Collect, report and share information instantly. Spend 50% less time on reporting.

The RS Production Inspector system makes it easy to remove paper and pencil for data collection for operators, maintenance, and field service personel. The system enable your teams to work safer, more efficient, and make better decisions – no matter where you are.

The iPad app enable users to make sure to identify and manage problems correctly. RS Production Inspector is developed to be user friendly and seamlessly integrates with your current systems such as SAP, IBM Maximo, MaintMaster, and others. Enabling you to do more with your current ERP or CMMS.

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The RS Production Inspector app ensures that everyone has the right information at the right time to do the best possible work. The app also makes it easy to collect all relevant data in routines with images, comments and sensor data.


  • Save time on reporting

  • Ensure jobs are done properly

  • Get data from manual inspections and data collection to your CMMS or ERP system

  • Start small and scale when you need to

Key features

  • Easy set-up and configuration

  • Self service for your teams and checklists

  • No limit on data

  • Fit for any industrial environment with rugged hardware supporting standards from IP68 to ATEX Zone 1

"With RS Production Inspector, we easily carry out mandatory inspections and can document deviations. The system is integrated into our systems so we can immediately plan and perform the required tasks. This capability is crucial in a terminal where you handle flammable liquids and gas."
Jonas Rylander
Terminal Manager, St1 Supply
"By reducing barriers and silos between departments, we can work more proactively together. The RS Production Inspector tool is a key component to achieving our goals of improved security, reliability, and efficiency."
Stefan Skarström
Production Manager, Ahlström-Munksjö


Wherever you are.

RS Production Inspector system is a cloud based system that connects to your current systems using a standardized API. 

Works as it is. Or together with your other systems

Information collected with the RS Inspector app is instantly available in our cloud service and integrated systems such as your ERP, maintenance system or other parts of the RS Production suite.

In the cloud service, it is easy to identify faulty machine components, follow trends and find the right reported information when you need it. We make sure that Dashboards and visualizations align to your KPIs and business processes.

Save time and improve data quality

Your reporting is finished at the same time as your round or inspection is complete. You do not need to compile information by cutting and pasting text and images in Word, Excel or your ERP. The system even manage digital signatures.

Machine operators, maintenance personnel, or field technicians get checklists, instructions, and drawings at their fingertips using our iPad app. Share reports as PDF files and synchronize data automatically back to work order or asset data. 


RS Production Inspector app help operators or engineers to collect information operational data by making sure all steps in your routines are covered, photos are taken when needed and that required sensor data is added to the same report.

Dashboard data

With web access to the cloud, enable you to quickly and easily analyze collected data and ensure that the right personnel have access to the correct information. Your data is secured in the cloud.


Use your current asset management strategies and systems by integration RS Production Inspector. Do more with the systems you have. Integrations with your ERP or CMMS systems ensure that your assets are well managed and that your latest standard operating procedures are used.

Seamless scalability

Start with a small team and scale when you want. Or scale down when you need it. No long term contracts and no invested capital provide low financial risk.

Never lose data

Your data and reports are automatically synchronized and securely stored in the our cloud or with your favorite cloud storage provider. User management policies ensure that only your employees access your templates and information.

A great user experience

Compared to traditional systems, RS Production Inspector provides easy-to-use inspections, reporting, and in-app information that help improve the accuracy and quality of the data.


RS Production Inspector is developed jointly together with field service engineers, maintenance personnel, and usability experts to meet the harshest industry conditions and demands. 

The difference is that you make more money

It is now easier than ever to identify problems and make sure they are appropriately handled. RS Production Inspector is easy to use and seamlessly integrates with your current systems such as SAP, IBM Maximo, MaintMaster, and others.

It is a great business to work safer, more efficient, and make better decisions. Besides, our customers usually slice the time they spend on data collection and reporting in half.

Proven in the toughest industries

Collect and secure your data in all harsh environments. RS Inspector can be run on standard hardware that meets all requirements from IP68 to EX- and ATEX Zone 1.

The right information in the right time

With access to checklists, CAD files, technical documentation, and instructions, we ensure that work is done safely and correctly. RS Inspector helps to avoid inaccuracies and to keep unplanned events to a minimum.


Give us 30-minutes in a web meeting to discuss your digitization challenge. We promise it will be well worth your while.