Team boards with guided problem solving

RS Production® Value Streamer provides an easy-to-use, web-based interface guiding you to realise the value of continuous improvements based on facts from RS Production OEE, ACT and Energy using PDCA, A3 and data visualisation.

"With ValueStreamer, I have firsthand data and, therefore, higher quality. In addition, I have the data earlier and can prepare myself more specifically for the standing with my foremen."
Winfried Lurtz
Head of Manufacturing, Voith Turbo BHS Getriebe GmbH


Key features

Useful for

Realise improvements value quicker

Save time, money and sweat with digital shop floor management. Use RS Production Value Streamer to define a countermeasure directly at the Gemba, and you can join a shop floor meeting from anywhere. 

Works everywhere on every device

RS Production Value Streamer works on every browser and device. No native app installation is required. The data will be stored on a server location disclosed by you.

Use in any meeting

Manage daily stand-ups with ease by making your digital team board the single point of the task. Focus on what’s important and swipe through all the info on one screen.

Create operational excellence​

See tasks and scheduling requirements from diverse processes, such as project, processing and continuous improvement work. Monitor team capacities, schedule, and assign appropriate team tasks for realisation according to priority.

Stay on top and save meeting preparation time

Save big on meeting preparation time. KPIs from RS Production OEE, ACT and Energy are automatically filled. Fill other metrics manually or use the API to add more metrics from other systems.

Structured problem solving

Solve problems faster as a team by providing stakeholders with their needed information and collaborating on the action plans using PDCA or A3 problem-solving processes.

Say goodbye to cluttered whiteboards

Show the metrics you need and that are automatically updated and accessible from any device. No more need to add printouts.


Create new metrics and list items with just a few clicks. Customise the views of your team board according to your needs based on existing layout types, metrics, lists or process boards.

Process board

Flexible process boards empower a wide variety of processes, e.g. CIP, processing, operator tasks, and collaboration tasks. Using the integrated template management, tasks and checklists can be automatically generated

Task board

Deliver incremental value within your teams in which upcoming requirements are scheduled, binding from planning or processes and considering available capacity and priority.

10-week planning

Generate buy-in across the project team with rolling planning and structuring the task backlog with the next milestone or Q-gate in mind.

Information aggregation

Once a KPI has been entered, it is automatically aggregated along the team cascade and is immediately available to all participants.

Cascade and network team boards

Navigate along the team cascade and get top-down or bottom-up visibility with just a few clicks.

Connectivity & API Management

Easily connect your data-delivering systems directly to your shop floor boards via REST-API.

Language support

Languages including English, German, Spanish, Polish, Swedish and more. 

Don’t take our word for it

Execute improvements faster and realise value quicker