Workshop: Data Quality in RS Production OEE

Ensure the correct input data for better decisions using RS Production with the right tools, methods, and skills.

When production data is a basis for decisions, the data must be correct. During this workshop, we ensure that you have the right knowledge and capabilities to ensure this.

Reliable data from production is required to generate accurate reports that show the real potential of your business and the real challenges. This workshop helps you ensure that manual input is correct.

Above all, data quality can be assured using a process with built-in steps making data correct from the start. The course also covers how to manage and fix data errors.

Good Solutions performs a current state analysis based on your factory’s unique data. Based on that, we provide tools and knowledge to identify and adjust incorrect data and check your cycle times. The goal is that RS Production continuously provides you with facts and decisions that are consistent with reality.

Previous knowledge requirements

Basic experience in RS Production OEE.


Analysis of current status:

  • Loss reason codes without categories
  • Stop time without reason coding
  • Quantity produced off schedule
  • Quantity produced outside order
  • Scheduled time outside production
  • Cycle Time Analysis

Correcting data

Data Health Report


  • Quality Assurance
  • Superusers
  • All users


  • Half day at your factory or remote