Machine operator training, RS Production OEE

Operators are a vital part of succeeding in data-driven production. Operator training creates the understanding required to get involved and succeed.

The training covers how operators use RS Production OEE, and we go through why the factory and the operator benefit from working with production follow-up.

This training delivers practical knowledge, understanding, and motivation for the operator to work with data-driven production. Through moderated discussions, we raise questions and thoughts to create a safe feeling throughout the entire team.

Increasing the understanding of the value of data-driven production creates a stable foundation for a successful introduction of RS Production.


  • RS Production
  • Loss reason codes
  • OEE
  • How to use Operator Tools
  • Overview of roles and reports
  • Next steps


  • Machine operators


  • 2 hours for groups of 5 to 10 operators
  • At your factory or remote.