Machine operator training

Operators are one of the most critical parts of a successful work on data-driven production. Operator training creates the understanding, knowledge, and engagement required to succeed.

This training covers how the software RS Production works for operators. It also provides knowledge of “why” factories benefit from working with machine monitoring and loss coding.

The purpose is to create practical knowledge, understanding, and motivation among the operators in work with data-driven production. Moderated discussions in the group facilitate the right mentality to contribute to a successful implementation. It’s also a cornerstone of the foundation for a positive attitude towards data-driven production.

Increased understanding of the value of data-driven production creates a foundation for the successful implementation of RS Production. 


  • RS Production
  • Loss reason coding
  • OEE
  • How to use Operator Tools
  • Overview: Roles, Reports, Next Steps


  • Machine operators


  • 2 hours for group of 5 operators (max 10)
  • At your factory