Workshop: OEE policy

Get the most out of RS Production by ensuring clarity and structure in measurement and follow-up.

An OEE policy creates a baseline and describes what’s measured and how. It is a steering document, a policy, acting as a reference when conditions change or if questions or ambiguities arise.

During this workshop, we identify what’s measured and which parameters affect the loss model. We document responsibilities and roles for the daily operations. The workshop combines theory, questions, and dialogue and results in the policy document.


  • What should we measure in our factory
  • Availability
  • Plant Utilization
  • Quality performance
  • Model for loss reasons
  • Roles and responsibilities


  • Policy “owner”
  • Management Team
  • Leaders and Technicians
  • People who can make decisions about what and how it should be measured and allocate responsibilities.


  • Half day at your factory or remote.