RS Production OEE Extension, Configuration

An essential prerequisite for the successful implementation of RS Production is to ensure that the right expertise is in place with you.

During a full day, we ensure the Superusers has all the skills required for the successful introduction and management of RS Production. For example, a Superuser needs to be well versed in RS Production to be able to configure new measurement points or create reports and make sure the right people get them at the right time.

The superuser training is a necessary prerequisite to having the right skills in place to be able to manage and use the system according to your factory’s wishes and needs.

RS Production is continuously improved and developed. To take advantage of new opportunities and get even more value from RS Production, many customers choose to attend the training periodically, also if they have participated previously.

Previous knowledge requirements

Successful completion of the course “Introduction to RS Production OEE”.


  • Introduction to OEE
  • Machine signals and data collection
  • Reason coding
  • Scheduling
  • Measure-point configuration
  • Measure-point settings
  • Items and Orders
  • Reports
  • Screens and Info Screens
  • User management
  • Correct settings = Correct data


  • Superusers
  • Advanced users


  • Two half-days at your Factory or Remote.