RS Production OEE Extension, Reports

Enable more people to make better decisions faster with the right reports in RS Production.

Data is for use! It’s equally important to select what data to look and which data to opt-out of what adds no value.

We live in a paradoxical world with information shortages and information overflows. Through the report day training, your organization gets the right knowledge and conditions to make sure that the right person gets the correct data at the right time with the help of RS Production. The result is that more people can make better decisions faster.

During the training, participants will identify what information your organization needs in everyday life for different roles to make the right decision. Participants also gain knowledge on how to configure and modify reports. Of course, we share our experiences with specific tips and tricks so that you can take full advantage of RS Production.

Previous knowledge requirements

Basic experience in RS Production.


  • Introduction with an overview of OEE, daily governance, and business objectives
  • Specification of reporting needs linked to business objectives and/or day-to-day management
  • Configure and edit reports
  • Using Info screens and Screens


  • All users
  • Management team


  • Half-day at your Factory or Remote