Start-up day OEE, part 2

Ensure effective implementation of RS Production with active change management.

To ensure an effective implementation of RS Production, the right people must have access to the correct information and instructions.

In Start-up day part 2, we ensure that the right conditions are in place with both operators, management, and other decision-makers.

Anchoring the introduction of RS Production is ket to ensure the best possible conditions for change. By gathering the management team and identifying why, what, and how the factory can best work with data-driven production. We cover both practical details, such as daily management, as-well-as soft values linked to change management.

This half-day workshop is a much appreciated and valuable opportunity that provides opportunities to understand the value of data-driven production.


  • Expectations
  • OEE
  • RS Production
  • Daily control
  • Change management
  • Plan ahead


  • Project manager
  • Management Team


  • Half-day at your factory