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RS Production suite provides a wide range of capabilites

Best-in-class OEE-system

The fastest and easiest way to take control over your machine time. Increase throughput and reduce cost per produced unit using this best-in-class cloud-powered OEE system. Try it free for 60-days.

Plant-wide data-driven production

When you need more than just OEE, this fully customizable MES-layer software enables your complete plant to run more efficiently. Integrated with your machines and systems, this software provides operators with checklists, forms, and instructions for proactive quality controls, operator care routines, changeovers, and more combined with powerful reporting and analytics.

Spend 50% less time on reporting

Remove pen and paper for checklists, operator routines or data collection. Free time and minimize lead time from when a problem is identified when you can fix it. This iPad app and cloud system seamlessly create reports and send correct asset data to your ERP or CMMS.

Customized solutions

Factory Solutions is our pragmatic approach to industry 4 solutions, factory digitization and making lean production digital. It’s our proven recipe for your successful transformation to world-class data-driven production.