Factory Solutions

When our standard software doesn't make the deal

Customized solutions based on our proven MES-platform

Factory Solutions is our pragmatic approach to industry 4 solutions, factory digitization and making lean production digital. It’s our proven recipe for your successful transformation to world-class data-driven production.

The comprehensive capabilities of our MES-platform provides solid and proven ground to expand from. Our highly skilled and experienced Factory Solutions team can make the deal when our standard software requires expansions to fit your processes or you looking to benefit even more from our versatile MES-platform.

Schedule a 30-minute web meeting with one of our experts to discuss your factory’s needs. Select a time that suits you.

Our Factory Solutions team has successfully delivered everything from integrated order handling and performance management to event driven operator instructions and full manufacturing component level traceability based on our MES-platform. 


  • Cost-effective custom solutions based on proven MES-platform

  • Leverage standard software and add your specific requirements

  • Start at 80% capability instead of 0% when developing from scratch. 

Key features

  • Highly experienced development team

  • Built on a flexible and scalable platform

  • Long-term support agreements

  • Personal governance and support

  • Cloud or on-premise installations

Customer results

  • Takt time assembly solution for Lindbäcks Bygg

  • Component level track and trace & control plan for AC Floby (Volvo)

  • Digital machine recipe handling for Xxxxxx

"RS Assembly, developed by Good Solutions, will be our digital platform for both our factories to manage production planning, reporting and follow-up. The system ensure that our operators can find any information or instruction within 10 seconds"
Jarkko Erikshammar
Project Manager


Give us 30-minutes in a web meeting to discuss your digitization challenge. We promise it will be well worth your while.