RS Production i4Pro

Experience the power of data-driven production

Go beyond OEE with event-driven operator guidance, andon and quality management

Through event management and flexible visualization, RS Production i4 Pro converts large amounts of information collected into activity-based knowledge that makes it easy for all employees to meet cost control, flexibility, and efficiency requirements.

RS Production i4Pro includes all the features of RS Production OEE as-well-as powerful event management capabilities to present correct forms, instructions, and operator routines based on events. Furthermore, the solutions also provide customizations and integration to other business and maintenance systems. RS Production i4 Pro is a leading solution for data-driven production management.

It’s not unusual for our customers to achieve a 20% efficiency increase when using RS Production i4 Pro in their daily work.

Invest 30-minutes in a web meeting together with one of our experts to discuss your digitization challenge. We promise it will be well worth your while. 

RS Production i4 Pro is a modern, easy-to-use, and well-developed software combined with a delivery and service based on our extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of production management systems.


  • Take control over your machine time

  • Increase machine throughput

  • Reduced cost per produced unit

  • Create cost flexibility

Key features

  • Wide range of industry 4 capabilities

  • Quick and easy to use for machine operators and decision-makers

  • Flexible to fit your production set-up and  process

  • Scalable to support 

"We have increased volumes by 10% without making new machine investments or expanding with more shifts"
Anders Jideklev
Supply Chain Manager at Doggy
"We increased net production by up to 15% in certain production sections without extra machine time or personnel costs."
Thomas Bauer
Quality & Production Technology Manager at Sandvik SRP


Take closer look at the key capabilities of RS Production i4Pro

User-friendly and visual​

User-friendliness is in the DNA of RS Production i4Pro. The system is not an "engineering tool." It's created to be used daily by decision-makers at all levels, from operators to factory management.

Factory and production management get information from RS Production on their phone, on TV screens, or via event-triggered e-mails.

The system is visual and straightforward in t's design. This makes it virtually self-instructing for machine operators. 


Extreme demands are put on system support for modern data-driven production.

RS Production i4Pro combines the advantages of a standard system with the flexibility of configurations and customizations without limiting updates or future operability.

Most system adjustments and configuration can be done by factory personnel after basic system training. The approach reduces the need for external system- or product expertise.


RS Production i4Pro works on a single machine and for the entire plant and can even aggregate data from several factories. Grow with more machine connections, functions, visualizations, and customizations as your factory needs change. The system operates independently of other systems but integrates easily with your ERP and maintenance systems for example.

Event-management of forms and checklists

Make sure the right checklist or instruction shows up at the right time. This capability guides operators to take proper action based on specific production or machine events. The functionality is used for changeover instructions, technical problem resolution, or operator care routines, and much more.

Andon and alarm scaling

Reduce interruption time with the help of a communication channel that reaches the right person at the right time.

Production personnel can easily call on support resources such as maintenance or technical support. Reducing interference caused by quality defects, machine problems, and material problems leading to improved productivity and efficiency.

Live status and output

Automatic mail and printouts provide regular meetings and reports with facts and data on times and quantities.

Creates a transparent and shared current situation that pushes the agenda at recurring meetings to deal with actions and actions. Make sure you avoid getting caught up in discussions about what happened.


Visual management directly on your phone. Stay up-to-date with live data for output and efficiency. Whether you are in the factory or traveling.

You get instant control and overview, enabling you to manage the business in real-time, even when you are away.

OEE, efficiency, and losses

Clarifies losses and potential for efficiency by visualizing and reporting OEE and losses. The visual graphics help you focus on improvements and changes in what makes the most impact.

Good Solutions market-leading OEE capabilities combine automatic machine data collection with the operators' unique knowledge of causes of disturbances and losses.


Without writing a single line of program code, you create the content yourself on TV screens that drive the right behaviors based on your strategy and your current challenges.

Screens is a digital tool creating participation and ownership by empowering employees in different roles to make fact-based decisions.


Complete OEE capabilities including

  • automatic downtime logging
  • manual stop-reason coding
  • automatic changeover logging
  • speed loss coding

Machine monitoring

OPC, 24V or most common machine interfaces to monitor

  • uptime/downtime
  • production cycles and produced amounts

Production follow up

Follow production net-output by

  • produced amount
  • produced, scrapped, good
  • product/order run
  • production order plan

Visual operator screens

Provide operators with relevant information such as

  • production plans
  • loss coding
  • visual shift targets report

Reports and KPI's

50+ standard reports including

  • pareto charts
  • OEE waterfall 
  • cycle time analysis
  • change over matrix
  • various filter and sorting
  • automatic report e-mails and prints

Live TV-screen dashboards

Visualize live production status factory wide using

  • a range of standard TV-screens
  • no-coding customization
  • 25+ visual components

Mobile access

Live production data at your fingertips with mobile

  • OEE
  • production output
  • production times
  • messaging (chat) system
  • iPhone, Android, Windows support

Loss analysis

No extra software is required to optimize production by analyzing 

  • OEE and losses
  • combine dimensions
  • loss drill down reports

Messaging system

Enable team communication inside your factory with

  • direct messages
  • message groups for relevant communications within or cross organizations


Experience from 40+ ERP systems and standard integrations to SAP, IFS, etc for.

  • production plans
  • articles/products

Language support

Support every individual with

  • 15 languages including English, German, Spanish, Polish, Swedish.
  • user based language
  • support for local texts

Multi site support

Enable OEE standardization and access factory metrics on group level with

  • central standards (option)
  • central aggregation (option)


You got nothing to lose and everything to win. 

Register and download RS Production OEE today and start your free 60-day trial. 

More questions? We try to answer the most common below

We support most common machine interfaces such as OPC, OPC UA and 24V using our BlackBox machine connector.

Absolutely. You can learn more about our Success Services here. 

Any type of discrete or batch process. Automized or manual.

No. Even if you run RS Production i4Pro as a cloud service, it does not require incoming data.

No. Every factory have a separate databases and customer data is never mixed.

Yes. If it’s a Windows OS device with sufficient performance. The mobile application with real time data can run on both iOS and Android.

Yes. RS Production i4Pro have cycle time settings for unique combinations of machines and products or articles.

Yes. RS Production i4Pro make it easy to manage your reason codes and your loss model. And to change them. 

There is no limit. We recommended to keep the loss codes structure as simple as possible.

Yes. You can use machine signals to automatically categorize downtime.