Manage your production in real-time from anywhere!

Get the add-ons Mobile, Screens, and Automatic reports for free until September

Good Solutions want to help manufacturing companies as much as we can. Therefore, we offer all of our RS Production customers to top-up their license with the add-ons mobile, screens, and automatic reports free of charge until September 15, 2020*.

Aren’t your factory benefiting from RS production yet? Don’t worry. Book a 30-minute meeting with one of our experts, and we will tell you more about how you can manage your factory from anywhere using visualized real-time production data from RS Production.

RS Production enables remote factory management
  • Mobile provides real-time production data directly into your mobile. Stay on top of daily production with access to live net output and efficiency metrics. Whether you are at the factory or somewhere else.
  • Automatic reports via e-mail give you easy access to decision basis’ with the right facts such as volume, cycle times, and loss reasons. Automated reports make it easy for everyone to get a shared view of the current status, enabling you and the team to focus on the things that matter most at the moment. Don’t get caught up in unnecessary discussions about what happened or whose mistake it was.
  • Screens allow you to create new visualizations on TV screens that help to operate appropriately. All this by simple drag and drop configuration of your required data visualization. 

* Sign up for the mobile and screen extensions now and pay only after September 15.

This YouTube Webinar shows just how easily your factory can get production control in real-time from anywhere! [In Swedish].