RS Production® OEE-software makes your factory more profitable & sustainable

RS Production OEE and ACT are market-leading software designed to quickly and easily give your production teams real-time insights and take timely actions to run your factory predictable, profitable, and sustainable.

It's not magic. Return on investment gets proven in hundreds of factories worldwide — every day.


Factories using RS Production have virtually eliminated quality losses. Others doubled their capacity without investing in new machinery.

RS Production is perfect for world-class pulse meetings, daily management, improvement work, shift handovers, changeovers, operator routines and more.

Orkla Nidar realizes a plant-wide 10% OEE increase

"Orkla increased plant-wide OEE by 10% basing our improvements on facts from RS Production" Kerstin Leistad Production Manager at Orkla
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Bostik improves OEE 40% using RS Production

"We reduced changeover time 70% using RS Production." Claes Lindblom Production planner at Bostik Helsingborg
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Nolato Gota increases OEE 35% using RS Production

"We have become more resource-efficient, more profitable, and above all more sustainable" Olof Pettersson, Nolato Gota CEO
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RS Production turns data from machines, people, and systems into clear, actionable decision-making facts. It ensures that the right information automatically reaches the right person at the right time. On the phone, at the shop floor machines, or in the boardroom.

The initial RS Production setup takes less than 5 minutes. That’s very quick. We provide everything you need to succeed, including cloud service, machine connectivity, expert services, and training. On-site or remote.

Finds production losses and visualizes production status in real-time, giving the insights needed to cut production costs and use fewer resources.
Ensures production runs predictable and stable by automizing the execution of best practices triggered by production events in real-time.

All inclusive free trial

Our 45-day free trial includes RS Production with all features, cloud service, machine connectivity, and complimentary 4-hour expert support.

Quick to start

Our industry-grade RS IoT hardware connects your machinery to the RS Production cloud using 4G without needing internal WiFi access or IT resources. You’re up and running in minutes.

Easy to use

RS Production’s intuitive interface makes it easy for machine operators and decision-makers to use this tool throughout their daily work. 

Securing success

RS Production is used daily in several widely different manufacturing processes. Our experts guide your teams to ensure success and hit your targets. 


RS Production empowers production staff and board members to meet their factory’s strategic challenge. Every day we turn billions of machine signals and data from thousands of daily users into bottom-line profits.

Let us show you verified examples from our customers where our software has provided tangible results. We promise it will be well worth your time.

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