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RS Production® is software designed to easily empower your teams run your factory more predictably, profitably, and sustainably.

More than 250 factories already benefit from RS Production
Orkla Nidar improve plant wide OEE 10%.
Bostik improves OEE by 40% and increases net output.
Nolato Gota increased OEE by 35%.
Barilla Wasa increased output by 15% and lowered CO2 by 28%.
Sandvik SRP increases net production by up to 15%.
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Paulig UK boost factory-wide OEE by 10% and cut costs in record time

What is OEE?
Why should this be your factory KPI?

Total available production time 100%
Availability losses
Speed losses
Quality losses
Value adding time, OEE 50%

On average, factories usually have 40 to 50% hidden potential. Reducing losses is a massive opportunity with great ROI.

OEE is short for Overall Equipment Effectiveness. 100% OEE means your factory produce at optimum speed and quality throughout your planned production time.

However, OEE-losses limits capacity and make your factory use more energy and CO2e than necessary.

By identifying losses and empowering decision-makers at every level with real-time production facts, you can reduce losses and energy consumption.

In short, improving OEE means you can do more with less.

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Quick to start

WIth RS IoT you connect 5 machines in 30 minutes to the RS Production cloud using 4G. You don’t need internal WiFi or help from IT. 

Easy to use

RS Production’s intuitive interface makes it easy for machine operators and decision-makers to use this tool throughout their daily work. 

Securing success

RS Production experts guide your teams to ensure success and hit your targets. 

RS Production OEE

Identify production losses and improve efficiency

RS Production OEE gives you the insights needed to cut production costs, get real-time control, and use fewer resources per produced unit. 

"We have increased volumes by 10% without making new machine investments or expanding with more shifts."
Anders Jideklev
Supply Chain Manager at Doggy
RS Production Energy

Lower energy consumption and CO2e

RS Production Energy provides the unique insights required to measure and lower energy and CO2e per every unit manufactured.

"By increasing the capacity of the production facilities without increasing resource consumption, we are more efficient. We use fewer resources per box and pallet, reducing CO2e emissions."
Torbjörn Mälman
Business Developer at Svenska Retursystem
RS Production Act

Minimise quality losses by standardising work and create stable processes

RS Production Act ensures your manufacturing runs predictable and stable with fewer unplanned stops and quality issues.

"RS Production is one of the most profitable investments we have made in production. We reduced quality deviations by 68%, virtually eliminating quality losses."
Fredrik Karlsson
Production Manager at Kopparbergs Bryggeri

Turning production losses into bottom-line profits

Everyday RS Production turns billions of machine signals, energy usage measurements and data from thousands of daily users into bottom-line profits for our customers.

Barilla Wasa increased output by 15% and lowered CO2 by 28%

"15% net output increase while lowering CO2 use by 28% is fantastic. Proving that remarkable improvements are achievable with the right focus and innovation."
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Food & Beverages

Bostik improves OEE by 40% and increases net output

"We reduced changeover time by 70% using RS Production." Claes Lindblom Production planner at Bostik Helsingborg
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Nolato Gota improves OEE by 35% resulting in bottom line profits

"We have become more resource-efficient, more profitable, and above all more sustainable." Olof Pettersson, Nolato Gota CEO
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Automotive plastics

Derome Timber increases OEE by 10% and makes record deliveries

"In six months, we increased our OEE by 10%. That's more than 250 additional truckloads of finished goods every year from our factory." Elias Brag, Project Manager at Derome Timber
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Orkla Nidar realises plant-wide 10% OEE increase

"Orkla increased plant-wide OEE by 10% basing our improvements on facts from RS Production." Kerstin Leistad Production Manager at Orkla
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Food & Beverage

Paulig UK boost factory-wide OEE by 10% and cut costs in record time

"Using RS Production we could reduce costs in record time and increase OEE by 10% throughout the factory." Thomas Whittaker Continuous Improvements Champion, Paulig UK
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Food & Beverages
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