Engage and empower with digitized lean and improvement work​

Boards on Fire® enable interactive and streamlined meetings with digital boards for daily management, pulse meetings, improvement work, 5S, PDCA, and much more.

Share updated information with all employees in real-time. On any device. And get full traceability of all key figures and activities.

Let’s get your factory started with digitized pulse meetings and improvement work.

Boards on Fire

495* monthly
  • Pulse meetings for daily management
  • Improvement module with PDCA
  • Project module with gantt charts
  • Unlimited users
  • Upgrade and pay as you go


  • Increased Overall Equipment Efficiency, OEE.
  • Engage and empower your teams.
  • Manage deviations efficiently.
  • Easy and structured improvement work.
  • Digitize Lean and PDCA.

Key features

  • Seamless pulse meeting and improvement work integration.
  • Visualize KPI’s in real-time.
  • Escalate essential data and tasks at all levels.
  • Integrates with existing systems.
“The outstanding benefit with Boards on Fire is that everyone has access to the same updated information in the smartphone, PC, or big screens throughout the factory.”

Everything you do on whiteboards. But better.

Traditional whiteboards do not have any traceability and lack automatic updates. Boards on Fire brings all the perks of digitalization into Lean production.
Get the rights boards for continuous improvements, pulse meetings, Kanban, 5S, PDCA, and much more. 
Run engaging and efficient pulse meetings

Daily management, deviation management, information sharing, task delegation, and decision-making on any device.

Pulse boards

Customize the board to meet your business needs. Select from a large selection of standard components. Combine manual input with data from other systems.

Any device, any time

Boards on Fire is a responsive cloud service that works everywhere. In the meeting around the big screen, on your computer, on your tablet and your phone.

Stay on top of projects and activities

The project module lets you track what should be done, who should do it, and when it should be done. Easily create sub-tasks for each activity and delegate them to the right person. Connects seamlessly to your Pulse board.

Improvement work improved

The improvement module brings together all improvement proposals, ongoing and implemented activities. Easily prioritize recommendations, create new activities, delegate tasks, and connect teams. Track progress throughout the PDCA cycle. Connects seamlessly to your Pulse board.

The right activity at the right time

Get an overview of all planned improvements, projects, and activities relative to each other in time with a flexible Gantt chart. Use filters to easily redistribute tasks if someone gets ill or based on how production problems.

RS Production OEE integration

Boards on Fire and RS Production work together seamlessly. RS Production OEE finds losses and gives you root cause knowledge on production loss. RS Production and Boards on Fire is a powerful combination to turn production losses into bottom line profits.

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