Success stories

Willo does factory-wide implementation in 6 weeks

"Finally, we have found a partner and a platform who can help us digitize and streamline our production. Through RS Production, we have the right platform in place to accelerate our success journey."

Nolato Gota increases OEE 35%

"In recent years, we have improved our overall equipment efficiency (OEE) in the factory by up to 35% using RS Production from Good Solutions. This means that we have become more resource-efficient, more profitable, and above all more sustainable"

Sandvik SRP increase net production up to 15%

"We increased net production by up to 15% in some production sections without extra machine time or more personnel"

Kopparbergs Brewery meets increased global demand by reducing quality deviations by 68%

“Our collaboration with Good Solutions is one of the most profitable investments we have made in production. By being able to minimize deviations and maximize our quality, we can meet the extreme demands of global exports.”

Doggy improves efficiency and increase production 10%

“Using RS Production suite from Good Solutions, we have been able to increase our volumes by 10% and met increased demand without making new machine investments or adding more work shifts. The improvement in efficiency means that we produce at a lower average cost. The investment paid for itself in a few months.”