Derome Timber increased OEE by 10% using RS Production

"In six months, we increased our OEE by 10%. That's more than 250 additional truckloads of finished goods every year from our factory in Kinnared. RS Production helps colleagues at all levels get the right, actionable information to make better decisions daily. Every morning, reports are automatically sent to everyone involved to ensure production runs smoothly. Production teams, Plant Managers, and our CEO. We all base our decisions on the same production facts."

Elias Brag, Project Manager at Derome Timber

Derome Group is one of Sweden’s largest family-owned wood industries, dating to 1946. Wood is “the green thread” in operations where the forest becomes wood products, houses, construction elements, and environment-friendly bioenergy.

        Derome’s site in Kinnared includes a sawmill and a pellets factory. The sawmill produces goods for the Swedish, UK, and US markets and has 160 000 m3 yearly capacity. The pellets factory produces about 65 000 tons of pellets yearly. 

                  Elias Brag, Project Manager at Derome Timber


                  Derome Timber has for long been at the forefront of using digital tools for supporting production. However, this led to different factories using different production monitoring and decision-making solutions. It was hard to get a comprehensive group-wide overview, and Derome was ready to take the next step in their digitization. 

                  Derome decided to implement a group-wide standard for OEE to create a foundation for growth, minimize manual work for making reports, and create a decision-making process to optimize production recourses built on easy-to-understand and act upon facts.

                              Derome needed a group-wide standardized system to create a common ground for making fact-based decisions. 


                              After evaluating the market, Derome found RS Production from Good Solutions to be the right choice to support the group’s growth targets and group-wide implementation.

                              Using RS Production, Derome can make fact-based decisions locally at each production line, and management can automatically share group-wide metrics. 

                              For example, a production overview report is automatically sent every morning to everyone involved in making a production run smoothly: production teams, Plant managers, and the CEO. 

                              The maintenance departments review production data from RS Production to plan maintenance based on how production is running.

                              The solution helps the production teams in the different factories create flow and stability in the daily work. 

                                              Operators work day-to-day with RS Production.


                                              Derome’s Factory in Kinnared could increase OEE by 10% in just six months by working closely together as a team and basing decisions on facts from RS Production.

                                              “It’s a great result for a sawmill with a yearly capacity of 160 000 m3 to deliver more than 250 additional truckloads of finished goods every year due to our improved efficiency,” Elias Brag explains. 

                                              The factory in Kinnared is now doubling capacity, building an entirely new sawmill.

                                              Elias continues: “RS Production is an integral part of our way of working and supporting our future growth. In our current production and our new factory. We’re making improvements continuously to get even more value out of the solution”.

                                                                      “RS Production is an integral part of our way of working. In our current production and our new factory” says Elias Brag