Precision manufacturer Willo finish factory-wide RS Production® implementation in record time

"Finally, we have found a partner and a platform who can help us digitize and streamline our production. Previously we've driven into the Industry 4 ditch a few times. But through RS Production, we have the right platform in place to accelerate our success journey."

Henrik Wolf, Production Manager at Willo

Together with Good Solutions, Willo has introduced RS Production as a platform to help decision-makers at all levels make better decisions faster by having access to production facts in real-time. The goals for Willo are clear:

  • accelerated growth,
  • strengthened competitiveness,
  • reduced resource consumption per unit produced,
  • reduced environmental impact,
  • higher profitability.

      Since Willo started in 1956, the company has grown every year. The factory specializes in manufacturing small, high-quality precision parts. The customers are in Med Tech, energy, and manufacturing. The factory in Växjö operates about sixty CNC machines. Several machines are specific for handling special-grade materials that must not be contaminated.

              "Through RS Production, we have the right conditions in place to accelerate our success journey" says Henrik Wolf, Production Manager at Willo


              A business that has been around for as long as Willo understands the need to develop and strengthen competitiveness to lead the segment. Willo realized the value of factory digitization. The industry 4 concept was clear, and the company was well aware of the opportunity value.

                      After testing several concepts, methods, and suppliers, the company realized that you have to think differently and start at the right end. By joining the Swedish national program Production Leap (Produktionslyftet), Willo strengthened its internal process development work and get help to increase competence in daily control, operator-driven reliability, and efficient flows. This work laid the ground to take the next step and combine process and corporate culture with the right digital solution.

                                  Machine resetting


                                  “We got in touch with Good Solutions by seeing an interesting post on LinkedIn. That made us take matters into our own hands and contact them to learn more. We gained great confidence from the first contact within their business understanding and experience from helping others streamlining production through digitization. Our goal is to be a little better every day than the day before,” says Blazenka Mihalic, Production Manager at Willo.

                                                  Good Solutions’ experts have worked closely with the production management at Willo. By working together to ensure that the software works for Willo’s needs, that the factory gets the right value, and can implement the change, Willo quickly concluded that RS Production is one of the most important components for securing their plans.

                                                                      RS Production ensuring machine operators have all the information they need to meet and exceed targets.


                                                                      After testing RS Production free for 60 days, Willo’s production management clearly understood that the factory needed the solution as quickly as possible. Good Solutions experts and Willo could quickly implement RS Production through close collaboration. One-half of the factory got fully equipped and trained in just six weeks. After a short break, RS Production got introduced in the second half just as quickly.

                                                                                              “Now we have a stable foundation from which to accelerate our growth. With our fantastic team spirit at Willo combined with the right technical support and decision support, we can make better, fact-based decisions faster and more transparently. Now we have a consensus on how the factory is going; we in the production management, the operators at the machines and the entire company’s management,” concludes production manager Henrik Wolf.