Svenska Retursystem increase efficiency and thereby reduces CO2e and resource consumption using RS Production®

"We needed to become more efficient and meet increased demand with our existing resources. When we started with RS Production, we quickly gained control of the situation, and we could easily see what changes made a real difference"

Torbjörn Mälman, Business Developer at Svenska Retursystem

Svenska Retursystem is a smart circular company that creates efficient and sustainable product flows from producers to stores or restaurants. 

Based on standardized boxes and pallets that are used repeatedly in a cycle. 

The result is that CO2e emissions are reduced by 78 percent when you choose to transport goods in return boxes compared to disposable packaging.


        It became clear to Svenska Retursystem that the existing loss measurement made in Excel was insufficient to identify the current losses, and the basis was not enough to start up improvement teams.

                    “When the shift manager entered production losses at the end of the day in Excel, not all employees are involved, and in-data is not completely accurate but rather an assessment. Some days it was not even time to fill in. We needed to follow the losses; Where are they, and how do we reduce them. Quite simply, we needed another solution to help us achieve our business goals,” says Vllaznim Hani, Production Manager at Mölnlycke

                            Svenska Retursystem turned to Good Solutions after a production manager had a good experience of RS Production from a previous workplace.


                                        After a reference visit to one of Good Solutions’ food industry customers, Svenska Retursystem felt ready to start using RS Production to manage the annually increased production volumes.

                                                        Introduceing RS Production at the facilities in Helsingborg, Mölnlycke, Örebro, and Västerås could now be planned.

                                                                            The employees were involved early and joined in formulating OEE-policy and working methods. By using the information from RS Production in daily morning meetings and in the improvement work to make decisions based on production facts, the employees were involved in becoming an essential part of the systematic improvement work. Nowadays, RS Production is a central tool in daily operations.


                                                                                                By increasing the capacity of the production facilities without increasing resource consumption, the company is more efficient. It uses fewer resources per box and pallet, reducing CO2e emissions.

                                                                                                                            Svenska Retursystem could quickly see improvements in increased efficiency. Above all, a foundation and culture have been created in production around understanding the production losses, how to reduce the losses, and showing the results of the improvements.

                                                                                                                                                    Svenska Retursystem is a shining example of how it is both more profitable and sustainable to increase efficiency by making it easier for more people to make fact-based decisions with the help of RS Production from Good Solutions.