Estimate your factory's hidden potential


Apply your factory's unique production setup to identify your factory's hidden potential.​

Increasing resource efficiency (commonly measured using Overall Equipment Efficiency, OEE) enables your factory to:

1. increase output using the same machines and work shifts, or

2. reduce production costs and deliver the same output.

Increased resource efficiency always results in reduced costs and resource consumption per produced unit.

This simplified tool helps you understand and visualize the value of increasing your capacity by improving efficiency, indicating your factory's hidden potential and ROI.

This calculation indicates your factory's hidden potential and the value you can realize by using RS Production from Good Solutions. Our experts can help you create a detailed analysis taking more variables into account.

Please note that: Times and amounts input are weekly estimates. The report presents monthly values as a producing company typically makes monthly financial statements.

Step 1 - Your factory's current capacity and income

80 hours
10 %
30 %

Step 2 - What if your capacity could increase without adding machines or people?

Many factories have made efficiency improvements of 10 to 30 % using RS Production from Good Solutions.

A modern, user-friendly tool like RS Production enables you and your production team to make better decisions faster. It will result in increased productivity.

After helping more than 160 factories, we see that results typically come from:

• 2–4 % increase by starting to measure and visualize equipment efficiency.

• 3–5 % increase from a fair competition between work shifts and teams.

• 4–8 % over time from continous improvements.

5 %