Minimise quality losses by standardising work and create stable processes

RS Production ensures your manufacturing runs predictable and stable with fewer unplanned stops and quality issues.

"RS Production is one of the most profitable investments we have made in production. We reduced quality deviations by 68%, virtually eliminating quality losses."
Fredrik Karlsson
Production Manager at Kopparbergs Bryggeri


Key features

Useful for

Empower operators & leaders 24/7/365

RS Production ACT makes it fast and easy to digitise printed instructions, manual data capture, and show instructions in serval formats, including PDF, Word, Excel, Web, and more.

RS Production ACT includes comprehensive reporting and data export capabilities. Work effortlessly with quality and process control. Prevent future losses and react when any process is unstable using SPC and data series functionality.

Trigger forms and checklists based on production events

Automatically trigger checklists or instructions, guiding operators to take proper action based on specific production or machine events. Useful for changeover instructions, technical problem resolution, operator care routines, and more.

Live checklist and compliance status

Get a quick overview if there are outstanding tasks or checks. Effortlessly ensure problems get properly resolved, instructions get carried out, and best practices follow.

SPC and data series

React quickly if the production process gets unstable and avoid future losses. Visualise data series with values and tolerances in real-time and get alarms if anything deviates or trends in the wrong direction.

Andon and alarm escalation

Reduce interruption time using this communication channel to communicate and instantly alarm the right person and role automatically. Productivity and efficiency improve when maintenance or technical support gets accurate info to quickly resolve quality defects, machine problems, and material problems.

Forms & Checklists

Complete forms and checklists capabilities including

  • wide range of input fields with text, values, decimals, date, operator and more.
  • present instructions as text, PDF, Web, Word, Excel, and more,
  • barcode-scanners,
  • RFID,
  • unlimited fields, 
  • sections and pages for ease of use.

    Event triggers

    Automatically make operators and leaders take action on specific events such as:

    • produced amount,
    • new shift,
    • changeover,
    • date and time,
    • deviations,
    • downtime,
    • losses, 
    • and many more.

    SPC and data series

    Avoid future losses and react if production gets unstable with real-time visualisations including:

    • data series by article and machine,
    • expected value,
    • tolerances,
    • alarms on deviations,
    • alarms on trends, 
    • CP & CPK.

    Reports & data export

    Real time visual production reporting including:

    • all reports available as table reports,
    • date & time,
    • shift,
    • machine,
    • orders & articles,
    • capability reports stable processes and SPC,
    • export to Excel, CSV and more.

    Visual operator screens

    Provide operators with relevant information such as:

    • visual forms,
    • open and due operator activities,
    • production plans.

    Ensuring best practice

    Get in full control with easy reporting on outstanding tasks and compliance to best practices within:

    • operator maintenance, 
    • 5S, 
    • change over instructions, 
    • 5 why, 
    • quality inspections,
    • first bit controls, 
    • and more.

    Live TV-screen dashboards

    Visualize live production status factory wide using

    • a range of standard TV-screens,
    • no-coding customization,
    • 25+ visual components.

    Machine connectivity

    OPC, 24V or most common machine interfaces to monitor:

    • uptime/downtime,
    • production cycles and produced amounts.

    Messaging system

    Enable team communication inside your factory with:

    • direct messages,
    • manual andon calls,
    • automatic escalation messages,
    • message groups for relevant communications within or cross organizations.


     40+ ERP systems and standard integrations to SAP, IFS, Monitor, and more.

      Language support

      Support every individual with:

      • 15 languages including English, German, Spanish, Polish, Swedish.
      • user based language,
      • support for local texts.

      Multi site support

      Enable OEE standardization and access factory metrics on group level with:

      • central standards (option),
      • central aggregation (option).

      Don’t take our word for it

      Start minimise quality losses with RS Production

      Frequently asked questions on RS Production ACT. For more details, please visit our Knowledge Center.

      Easiest with RS IoT from Good Solutions. We also support most common machine interfaces such as OPC, OPC UA and 24V using our BlackBox machine connector.

      Absolutely. You can learn more about our Success Services here. 

      Any type of discrete or batch process. Automized or manual.

      No. Even if you run RS Production ACT as a cloud service, it does not require incoming data.

      No. Every factory has a separate database, and customer data is never mixed.

      Yes. If it’s a Windows OS device with sufficient performance. The mobile application with real time data can run on both iOS and Android.

      Yes. RS Production ACT have cycle time settings for unique combinations of machines and products or articles.

      Yes. RS Production ACT make it easy to manage your reason codes and your loss model. And to change them. 

      There is no limit. We recommend keeping the loss code structure as simple as possible.

      Yes. You can use machine signals to automatically categorize downtime.