Services for success

Our services and customer success team ensures that your factory gets going quick, predictable, and are set-up for success.

The secret to successful digitalization in a factory is 10% technology. The rest is organization.

Our customer success team experts all have shop floor experience and continuously support many customers with training, commissioning, and verifying that your factory is on track towards world-class data-driven production. 

We have enabled hundreds of factories to implement data-driven production successfully. Our experience tells us to prioritize technology investments based on your factory’s strategic challenges. And that technology requirements should be based on the needs of the organization – not the other way around.

Prioritize user-friendliness and easily accessible technology. It must be easy to do right. Boiling it down minimum possible organizational change for maximum return.

Long-term commitment

Together, we work long-term to achieve your strategic goals. Quite simply, we make sure you have access to everything required for world-class data-driven production. Available as a service.

Training and workshops

Good Solutions provide many opportunities to deepen the knowledge of data-driven production and continuously secure the right skills.

Scheduled dates for RS Academy Online

Our experts in data-driven production facilitate our RS Academy training.  All trainings are conducted remotely. 

Read more about our diffrent trainings below. 

User training

User training This course trains those who want to use RS Production in their daily work to make decisions based on facts. After the course, you have the skills to find reports and facts helping you in your daily work. The system basics are covered, and the course focus is

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Superuser training

Superuser training An essential prerequisite for the successful implementation of RS Production is to ensure that the right expertise is in place with you. During a full day, we ensure the Superusers has all the skills required for the successful introduction and management of RS Production. For example, a Superuser

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Superuser extension training

Superuser extension training This course targets those of you who are advanced users or superusers. This course is an addition to the User training. The focus of this training is advanced functionality and configurations. Previous knowledge requirements Basic experience in RS Production. Alternatively, in connection with the User training. CONTENT

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Start-up day, part 2

Start-up day, part 2 Ensure effective implementation of RS Production with active change management. To ensure an effective implementation of RS Production, the right people must have access to the correct information and instructions. In Start-up day part 2, we ensure that the right conditions are in place with both

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Start-up day, part 1

Start-up day, part 1 Secure the technical installation for the successful implementation of RS Production. The right people must have access to the correct information and instructions to ensure an effective implementation of RS Production. Together with the technical responsible for production systems such as electricians, IT managers, and project

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Report training

Report training Enable more people to make better decisions faster with the right reports in RS Production. Data is for use! It’s equally important to select what data to look and which data to opt-out of what adds no value. We live in a paradoxical world with information shortages and

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OEE policy

OEE policy Get the most out of RS Production through standardized metrics and processes. By documenting and standardizing your metrics, you get the highest possible value out of RS Production. A factory can be measured differently depending on your requirements and unique operations. Get the most out of your investment

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Machine operator training

Machine operator training Operators are one of the most critical parts of a successful work on data-driven production. Operator training creates the understanding, knowledge, and engagement required to succeed. This training covers how the software RS Production works for operators. It also provides knowledge of “why” factories benefit from working

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i4Pro forms & andon training

i4Pro forms & andon This course targets users who want to make the most out of RS Production i4Pro extensions Forms or Andon. During course, theory is combined with hands-on exercises to get the most out of our time together. Previous knowledge requirements Basic experience in RS Production. Or done

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Data health check

Data health check Ensure the correct input data for better decisions using RS Production with the right tools, methods, and skills. When production data is a basis for decisions, the data must be correct. During this workshop, we ensure that you have the right knowledge and capabilities to ensure this.

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Our experts in data-driven production hosts webinars, where they provide hands-on knowledge and share success factors. 

Change to RS Production Webinar

Join our Change to RS Production webinar and get access to great examples, best practices, and other hands-on guidance to help your factory become more profitable and sustainable by changing to RS Production. 

Our experts Martin Johansson and Mikael Persson hosts our Webinar.