90% of successful factory digitisation is organisation. 10% is technology. ​

Our customer success team has enabled hundreds of factories to implement data-driven production successfully and continuously support and train customers.

Together, we work long-term to achieve your strategic goals and ensure access to all training and knowledge. Available as a service.

Trainings and workshops

Good Solutions provides many opportunities to deepen your and your teams’ knowledge of data-driven production and continuously ensure your factory has the right skillsets.

Get started with RS Production ACT

GET started with RS Production ACT This course targets users who want to make the most out of RS Production ACT (previously i4Pro with extensions Forms or Andon). During course, theory is combined with hands-on exercises to get the most out of our time together. Previous knowledge requirements Basic experience

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Get started with RS Production OEE

Get started with RS Production OEE This course trains those who want to use RS Production in their daily work to make decisions based on facts. After the course, you have the skills to find reports and facts that help you in your daily work. The system basics are covered,

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Machine Operator Training, RS Production OEE

Machine operator training, RS Production OEE Operators are a vital part of succeeding in data-driven production. Operator training creates the understanding required to get involved and succeed. The training covers how operators use RS Production OEE, and we go through why the factory and the operator benefit from working with

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Management kickoff

Management kickoff Ensure an effective introduction of RS Production OEE through management team and active “change management.” During Start-up Day, part 2, we ensure that operators, management, and other decision-makers have the correct prerequisites. Anchoring the introduction of RS Production is an essential key in creating the best possible conditions

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RS Production OEE Extension, Configuration

RS Production OEE Extension, Configuration An essential prerequisite for the successful implementation of RS Production is to ensure that the right expertise is in place with you. During a full day, we ensure the Superusers has all the skills required for the successful introduction and management of RS Production. For

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Technical start-up

Technical start-up Ensure the technical installation for a successful introduction of RS Production. The right people must have access to the correct information and instructions to ensure RS Production’s quick and successful introduction. This training covers the practical requirements to implement RS Production, focusing on production systems technicians such as

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Workshop: OEE Policy

Workshop: OEE policy Get the most out of RS Production by ensuring clarity and structure in measurement and follow-up. An OEE policy creates a baseline and describes what’s measured and how. It is a steering document, a policy, acting as a reference when conditions change or if questions or ambiguities

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