RS Production OEE

The best-in-class OEE system designed to efficiently identify production losses and give you facts to reduce them.

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Gives you an objective view of your factory’s hidden potential.

As a factory owner or management, you are always looking for ways to reduce cost per produced unit and to meet demand. Especially in uncertain market situations.  

You know that your factory’s efficiency and productivity can be optimized. You might also want to make your throughput more predictable. But you don’t have the facts to take the decisions needed.

RS Produciton OEE from Good Solutions is a leading OEE system designed to empower operators and leaders in your factory with visualized facts in real-time. Your teams can make better decisions faster using RS Produciton OEE software. In pulse meetings, for improvement work or when resetting a machine.

Why wait to get started. Register and download RS Production OEE today and start your free 60-day trial. You got nothing to lose and everything to win.  

RS Production OEE helps you get an objective view of your factory’s hidden potential. It’s easier than ever before to get started. And free to try.


  • Take control over your machine time

  • Increase machine throughput

  • Reduced cost per produced unit

  • Create cost flexibility

Key features

  • Guided system set-up and configuration

  • Quick and easy to use for machine operators and decision-makers

  • Flexible to fit your production set-up and  process

  • Scalable up to 50 measuring points

"We have increased volumes by 10% without making new machine investments or expanding with more shifts"
Anders Jideklev
Supply Chain Manager at Doggy
"We increased net production by up to 15% in certain production sections without extra machine time or personnel costs."
Thomas Bauer
Quality & Production Technology Manager at Sandvik SRP


Take closer look at the key capabilities of RS Production OEE

RS Production OEE automatically identifies machine time losses in real-time using standard machine interfaces such as OPC, OPC UA or 24V signals with our BlackBox machine connector.

If required, operators can then quickly add their unique domain expertise with loss codes, comments, and more using a touch screen at the machine.

The combined data from machine and operators is visualized  in standard reports designed to help your teams make better decisions faster by ensuring

  • quicker reactions when deviations occur,
  • relevant facts for daily pulse meetings,
  • better decision making in improvement projects.
Correct loss coding in seconds

RS Production OEE is focused on ease-of-use for machine operators. A machine stop can be properly logged in just a couple of seconds.

Relevant data and simplicity

Operators know exactly how the production is going compared to the plan with the standardized shift report. 

Visualize facts throughout the factory​

Real-time manufacturing status data can easily be visualized on TV-screens using RS production OEE standard features.

Secure and quick to get started

RS Production OEE is safe to use in your factory. The solution is trusted in hundreds of plants world wide.


Complete OEE capabilities including

  • automatic downtime logging
  • manual stop-reason coding
  • automatic changeover logging
  • speed loss coding

Machine monitoring

OPC, 24V or most common machine interfaces to monitor

  • uptime/downtime
  • production cycles and produced amounts

Production follow up

Follow production net-output by

  • produced amount
  • produced, scrapped, good
  • product/order run
  • production order plan

Visual operator screens

Provide operators with relevant information such as

  • production plans
  • loss coding
  • visual shift targets report

Reports and KPI's

50+ standard reports including

  • pareto charts
  • OEE waterfall 
  • cycle time analysis
  • change over matrix
  • various filter and sorting
  • automatic report e-mails and prints

Live TV-screen dashboards

Visualize live production status factory wide using

  • a range of standard TV-screens
  • no-coding customization
  • 25+ visual components

Mobile access

Live production data at your fingertips with mobile

  • OEE
  • production output
  • production times
  • messaging (chat) system
  • iPhone, Android, Windows support

Loss analysis

No extra software is required to optimize production by analyzing 

  • OEE and losses
  • combine dimensions
  • loss drill down reports

Messaging system

Enable team communication inside your factory with

  • direct messages
  • message groups for relevant communications within or cross organizations


Experience from 40+ ERP systems and standard integrations to SAP, IFS, etc for.

  • production plans
  • articles/products

Language support

Support every individual with

  • 15 languages including English, German, Spanish, Polish, Swedish.
  • user based language
  • support for local texts

Multi site support

Enable OEE standardization and access factory metrics on group level with

  • central standards (option)
  • central aggregation (option)


You got nothing to lose and everything to win. 

Register and download RS Production OEE today and start your free 60-day trial. 

More questions? We try to answer the most common below

We support most common machine interfaces such as OPC, OPC UA and 24V using our BlackBox machine connector.

Absolutely. You can learn more about our Success Services here. 

Any type of discrete or batch process. Automized or manual.

No. RS Produciton OEE is a cloud based service, but id does not require incoming data.

No. Every factory have a separate databases and customer data is never mixed.

Yes. If it’s a Windows OS device with sufficient performance. The mobile application with real time data can run on both iOS and Android.

Yes. RS Production OEE have cycle time settings for unique combinations of machines and products or articles.

Yes. RS Production OEE make it easy to manage your reason codes and your loss model. And to change them. 

There is no limit. We recommended to keep the loss codes structure as simple as possible.

Yes. You can use machine signals to automatically categorize downtime.